Welcome to Ocean Park, where we believe that women's garments have a lot more responsibility than just looking good. We are committed to creating pieces that function first, without compromising style or comfort. And behold - the wild idea that women's garments can actually support women so they can go about their lives, focusing whole heartedly on what's in front of them. 

Can you imagine a world where women indulge in their curiosities? Where they're inspired to discover what they are capable of? Where they look at their fears straight in the face and say, "I'm going to conquer you."

We imagine that world every day. So, dare to commit to who you are and what you love. Can it be scary? Sure - sometimes. But you're more capable than you think. We know that for certain. 

A little deeper into the nutshell...
It all started with a windy beach in Puerto Rico, a frustrated kitesurfing instructor and a few bikini sketches and sewing machines. With a background in Sustainability and a profound love for the water, Bailey founded Ocean Park Swimwear in 2020 (yes, 'twas THAT year) with the mission of no longer making women choose between style and function. Functional Design has become Bailey's passion (off the water) and is the fire that drives OPS to create what continues to be loved by Water Women in more than 11 countries. 
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