Product Care

 Simple Steps To Make The Magic Last

1. The less you machine wash your suit the longer you will preserve its quality. Rinse chlorine and salt out with fresh cold water instead. Careful wringing out the water as it may reshape your suit.

2. We’ve all been there. Sometimes you leave your wet suit in your beach bag too long and it needs some serious TLC. First, try to hand wash with chemical-free soap that is kinder to the fabric. If you decide to use a machine, make sure there’s no Velcro in there and the settings are set to tap cold water. This setting also helps prevent micro-plastics from draining out of the machine and into local water bodies! 

3. Airdry your suit out of direct sunlight. Although the sun gives you that stellar glow, it fades the fabric over time. So it's best to rack that time up on the water.

 If your suit needs some overtime love please look into repairing the suit by searching for videos online or consulting with a local seamstress. We would also love to help where we can. Contact us here and we will get back to you with potential solutions to extend the life of your suit.