We live in paradise and we intend to keep it that way

And as a member of the apparel industry, one of the most polluting industries in the world, we have a big responsibility in how we go about our business. As we grow, we will adapt, but for now the following are some of the major ways Ocean Park Swimwear is committed to future-friendly practices.

1. Superior Textiles

The fabrics we use will always meet our high standards for performance, durability, comfort, and sustainability. We are always searching for the most cutting edge fabric on the market and vow to never produce a suit using fabric made entirely out of virgin plastic fibers.

2. Locally Produced 

Our products are made to order with love right here in San Juan, Puerto Rico. So we are able to avoid a large transit emissions. We closely monitor all phases of production ensuring that our customers are receiving the high-quality products they deserve. Our fabric is also locally dyed through the water-based process of sublimation, a less wasteful option than other popular dyeing methods.


3. Better Packaging

Do we even have to say it? Of course we are not using single-use plastics to package our products. All of our mailers, com-liners, and garment bags can be composted or repurposed. 


4. Built to Last

Our products are carefully constructed with the best materials to last you many seasons. But we can't do it alone. With the proper homecare procedures you can ensure the longevity of your suits. Access our product care guide here.


5. One Suit, Many Possibilities

We design each suit with functionality in mind. Whether you're a kitesurfer, surfer, diver, (or all the above!), our pieces can preform in many arenas - so be creative! When possible, we also make each piece reversible, so one suit can adapt to your many moods. Groovy baby. 


6. Carbon Neutral by 2024

We have set the goal of becoming a carbon neutral business by 2024. This means we will come to understand our carbon footprint and offset those emissions through external emission reduction projects. Stay Tuned!


 We know we can always do better. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact us!