Function First

The fashion industry is one of the leading threats to the health of our planet and we believe it is time to evolve from a sole focus on sustainable materials to prioritizing sustainable design.

This means designing products to be:

(1) Functional; the ability to be used in multiple ways and for multiple purposes.

(2) High quality; the capacity to perform its function(s) without premature wear and tear.

(3) Timeless; the design shall not be dictated by trends, but rather that of perpetual and classic taste.

(4) Utility; the product should be useful and in many instances, needed to perform a specific action better.

  • Superior Textiles

    We pride ourselves in using textiles that don't cut corners in comfort and quality. All of swimwear fabric is currently made out of recycled fibers that repurpose old fibers that were destined for the landfill.

  • Healthy People, Healthy Planet

    Our suits are UPF 50+ which means it protects you from 98% of the sun's burning UV rays that cause Melanoma. We also treat our swimwear fabric with an anti-microbial finish, which will decrease the liklihood of irritation and infection in women.

  • Better Packaging

    From garment bags to mailers, our products are prepared in packaging that is reusable, recycleable, or compostable. We highly recommend using our canvas garment bags as a travel companion for your suit or as a safe place to store sea glass, oyster shells, fishbones, etc.

  • Transparent Manufacturing

    Since its inception, OPS has hand crafted each suit at our workshop in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We are currently producing our suits on both a made-to-order basis and runs of small batches for our customers and stockists. Our apparel is produced in small quantities locally in Puerto Rico or Minnesota.

  • Built to Last

    Every garment that is made by OPS is intended to be worn for multiple seasons. Our secret is timeless, multifunctional design, fine craftmanship and thorough in-house quality control.

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We know we can always do better. And as our business grows, we will continue to grow our efforts towards more sustainable business practices. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us.